Toastmasters weekend 2015

Toastmasters weekend 2015

From October 9th until October 11th, we had our Toastmasters weekend, filled with workshops about creativity, living a positively balanced life, table topics, viewpoints and resolving conflicts. It was a great occasion to learn, to have fun and to get to know each other a little better, both for long time members as well as for new members.

We started our Friday evening by eating home-made hamburgers, chatting and playing games. One of the games consisted of a stack of cards with questions on them. The first person would select a question card and pick somebody who should answer the question. After answering, that person could pick another question and choose somebody else to ask it to. It was a fun and informal way to get to know each other at the start of the weekend.

On Saturday, we started the day with a 2 hour creativity workshop by Ruben D’Hauwers, where the goal was to gather ideas for special themed Toastmasters meetings, combine 3 of them to one themed meeting idea (in groups) and present that idea in front of the group. During the two hour lunch break, it was possible to play kubb, relax in the sauna, go for a short swim outside or just sit and chat while having a coffee.

In the afternoon, Matthias De Wilde treated us to an inspirational workshop about how to overcome any fear in life, get where you want to be and live a positively balanced life. After this workshop, it was time to put our very own inspiration to use in the table topics workshop, where we received tips from Sofie Verhalle and Thomas Vervaet on how to deliver a successful table topic.

Time flew by as the clock turned to 6.30 pm in a jiffy, when Lyubov Byessonova and Tatiana Varakina served us some tasty vegetarian cooking. With our stomachs full, we then got divided into teams of 4 or 5 people to compete in Peter Temmerman’s 30 question quiz. The winner received a bottle of champagne. The rest of our Saturday evening was filled with playing board games, chatting, sweating in the sauna and playing a fun game called “werewolves” until late in the night.

Sunday morning, Karin Bral gave us a workshop on viewpoints, a training which is often given to actors and other stage performers. Our club president Yannick Clybouw had the honour of closing the weekend with a workshop on resolving conflicts. After a short test to determine how each of us handles conflicts (compete/collaborate/compromise/avoid/accomodate), we were divided into groups and given a case conflict which we had to resolve. As this final workshop drew to a close, so did our fantastic weekend.

Although this weekend has just ended, some of us are already looking forward to next year’s Toastmasters weekend.

Big thanks to everyone who helped make this year’s edition possible! And very special thanks to Mathieu Piens and Anton Lemmens for putting this whole weekend together.